This Week in Social Media News (10/26/12)

Social Media NewsHere is your weekly installment of the Week in Social Media News–a summary of social media news from around the web. As always, the focus of these stories is social media legal news (as opposed to the tens of thousands of stories on social media in general). Having culled through the hundreds of articles I review each week, here are some of the more interesting and applicable:

  • Social-media policy key to mitigate liability
    Having a social-media policy in place not only protects the employer but the employees as well. It is important to avoid saying anything private about guests. Various state and federal laws protect certain forms of expression on social-media platforms.

It is always good to stay apprised of recent news surrounding social media, particularly how lawyers, attorneys, and other legal professionals are using social media as well as what they are saying. I hope you find this weekly installment of the previous week’s news stories related to social media and the law to be helpful, informative, and, in certain cases, entertaining.

My thanks to Google News, Bing News, and other news outlets for helping me to find and collect these  stories. These are great resources for any topic.

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Tyson B. Snow is a partner at Pia Anderson Dorius Reynard & Moss, LLC, in Salt Lake City. He is considered an expert on social media law, particularly social media law's impact on the workplace and employment. His practice involves all areas of federal court litigation with an emphasis in employment litigation, commercial litigation, and intellectual property litigation, including trademark disputes, cybersquatting, copyrights, and other technology related issues. He also frequently litigates in Utah’s state district and appellate courts. Email: Twitter: @tysonESQ

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