Microsoft OneNote for Lawyers

I tweeted this out earlier. I would love to get some reaction. I have never been a big user of OneNote but it seems like lawyers could (and should) be using it. This is particularly true as its level of integration with Outlook (and Word) increases. Let me know what you think.


Let’s get a discussion going in the comments so that everyone can benefit. Or, if you have some links to articles or other publications, send them to me (via the contact form) and I will add them to the post so that everyone can benefit.

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Tyson B. Snow is a partner at Pia Anderson Dorius Reynard & Moss, LLC, in Salt Lake City. He is considered an expert on social media law, particularly social media law's impact on the workplace and employment. His practice involves all areas of federal court litigation with an emphasis in employment litigation, commercial litigation, and intellectual property litigation, including trademark disputes, cybersquatting, copyrights, and other technology related issues. He also frequently litigates in Utah’s state district and appellate courts. Email: Twitter: @tysonESQ

One thought on “Microsoft OneNote for Lawyers

  1. I’m not an attorney, but I provide consulting to many clients. I have used Microsoft OneNote for about 3 years and love it so much, started a blog dedicated to OneNote. It is one of the best productivity tools a company can utilize. It is perfect for sharing information (security can be set up in a number of way including password protecting a section), for recording communication updates for clients, for setting up templates and checklists such as client profile forms, training checklist, end of year procedures, etc. I could go on and on. I really like that it integrates with the other Microsoft Office products, and they have a mobile app for my Android phone. One of the best software solutions available – and most people already have it on their computer without knowing it!

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