20 Interesting Facts About Twitter – Infographic

Okay, this technically does not have much to do with the law. But if you stop and think for a minute, this type of information illustrates the ever increasing prevalence of social media use in our lives. Given these statistics, it is hardly surprising to see social media appear in nearly all facets of life, including the law. So here you go. 20 interesting facts about Twitter. That’s right. An entire infographic dedicated to amazing Twitter stats.


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Tyson B. Snow is a partner at Pia Anderson Dorius Reynard & Moss, LLC, in Salt Lake City. He is considered an expert on social media law, particularly social media law's impact on the workplace and employment. His practice involves all areas of federal court litigation with an emphasis in employment litigation, commercial litigation, and intellectual property litigation, including trademark disputes, cybersquatting, copyrights, and other technology related issues. He also frequently litigates in Utah’s state district and appellate courts. Email: Twitter: @tysonESQ

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