Social Media Cases & Caselaw

Our good friends at X1 Discovery have graciously agreed to allow us to link to their awesome database of virtually all published social media cases, judicial decisions, and laws.

This is a fantastic resource and I consult it regularly. But first, a quick shoutout to X1 Discovery:

The torrent of social media evidence continues to grow and X1 Discovery continues to monitor online legal databases of state and federal court decisions across the United States, where evidence from social networking sites played a significant role. Now, with over 689 published cases from 2010 through 2011, not counting de minimis entries (defined as cases with merely cursory or passing mentions of social media) we are sharing the list here for our readers. For more detailed analysis on many of these cases below, please also visit our blog,Next Generation eDiscovery Law & Tech Blog or view our latest webinar, Social Media Ethics.

Thousands of cases involving social media have been published. Thousands upon thousands more will be published in the near future. Whether dealing directly with social media or whether social media simply played some sort of role in the underlying facts, more and more cases include references to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and other social media sites. This trend is undoubtedly going to continue. So here you go; thousands of cases for you to peruse:

Enjoy the reading!

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