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Illinois Poised to Ban Employer Access to Social Media Passwords

Readers of this blog know how much I love the topic of employers requesting social media (particularly Facebook) passwords from employees and candidates. But it seems to be the topic de jure, so I guess I have some obligation to keep myself up to date on the recent developments. I’ve previously written about several other states who are working on legislation to ban this practice. As far as I know, Maryland is the only state that has enacted a law. But it looks like Illinois is poised to do the same:

It is now up to Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn to decide whether to sign into law a bill that protects employees and job seekers from having to provide their social media passwords to current or prospective employers.

[Via the Chicago Tribune]

While it is unclear whether our good friend Bradley Shear (@bradleyshear) participated in drafting this legislation (as he did with Maryland’s law and SNOPA, which is based largely on Maryland’s law), he does provide some insight in the article. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Illinois’s law is based on Brad’s prior work. Regardless of Shear’s involvement, he is certainly on the front-lines of this fight. And, as I’ve said before, good on him for it.

Once again, if you’re doing this (requiring passwords) now, go ahead and stop (voluntarily–or if you’re in Maryland, because it’s the law, and if you’re in Illinois or California, because it is going to be the law). One way or the other, you will not be allowed to keep or continue this practice.