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Social Media, Esq.™ Social Media Vacation

For those of you who follow this blog or follow me on Twitter (@tysonESQ), you may have noticed (or, more likely, probably had no idea), that I haven’t been around for a few weeks. A multi-week jury trial + deliberations in addition to every sprinkler in my yard deciding to spontaneously explode while the entire State of Utah burns to the ground, well, I’ve been a little busy.

But do not worry. I have plenty of new updates, news, and insights in the pipeline. And besides, while there are many out there that claim you must maintain your social media presence at all times, even when you are on vacation to remote places with sketchy internet access, I am not one of them. For the most part social media is designed to feed me; whatever I can add to the conversation or assist others with is crème de la crème. 

With trial over, my inbox slowly getting smaller, and my sprinklers being generally fixed (hopefully), I’m hoping to start pumping out some new content. Will it blow your mind? Probably not. Will it be informative? I sure hope so.