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LXBN TV Follow-Up Interview from Avvocating

Thanks to Colin O’Keefe and the entire LXBN TV crew for the interviews and coverage of Avvocating 2012. Check out the complete LexBlog Avvocating Wrap Up (including 25 video interviews). Of all the interviews, here is the one my mom likes the best:

Can you tell that I like Twitter?

Be sure to visit the LXBN wrap-up page. It is chocked full of excellent content. Those guys did some serious work between Thursday and Monday morning.

LexBlog / LXBN TV Interview Regarding Avvocating

Here is a brief interview I did in anticipation of Avvo’s 2012 Avvocating Conference, which is coming up next week. I look pretty goofy on camera:

My thanks to Colin O’Keefe of LexBlog / LXBN TV for conducting the interview. I am looking forward to the conference and hope to see some of my readers there.